As one of the busiest suburbs on the coast, there is always no shortage of removals in Maroochydore. Be it a local apartment move, large office relocations or home furniture removals, you can rely on Platinum Removals Sunshine Coast to provide you with a reliable service.

We are a locally owned, family managed removals business. This means our focus is always a positive outcome for our clients. Our team will arrive on time, with the right equipment and make your move as stress free as possible.

For anyone who needs a removalist in Maroochydore, we can provide a free quote, and lock in a time that suits you for the day your move is required.

Office Removals Maroochydore

Along with helping people move from one home to another, we also work with many businesses that need an office removalist in Maroochydore. There is a lot of new commercial buildings in the area and we have the experience to make moving your office furniture more stress-free.

Our staff are used to working with building managers and understand that different buildings may have different rules. These might include access hours, lift permissions and more. Our team is fully trained and work full time for us. This means you can trust them to respect any guidelines to facilitate your move.

To get a quote for Marchooydore office removals, or other commercial jobs, just contact us by phone or through our contact form.

Moving To Or From Maroochydore

Whether you are moving into Maroochydore, or need a removalist in Maroochydore to help you shift away, we can help.

Along with furniture removals, we can also offer storage, moving boxes for sale, pack, unpacking and more. All you need to do is contact us and let us know what kind of moving service you need.

Call 0438 277 014 to speak to a removalist Maroochydore residents have relied upon time and again, Platinum Removals Sunshine Coast.


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