Five Things To Consider Before Moving Interstate

Everyone loves adventures, however, many come with what can be a heavy price tag. Either financially, physically or emotionally.

Moving to a new state is often looked at as an exciting adventure. But the bad news is that interstate moving requires lots of patience and it isn’t easy at all. If not planned well, it can be quite stressful

So, as soon as you plan on moving from your town or state, you should start to think about some essential things. If you are put off until the last minute or not considered at all before moving interstate, then it may just make your experience one you’d rather forget.

Planning well, for the more essential steps involved in moving interstate can make the move safer and cheaper as well.

This blog will take you through the hurdles faced in our experience as interstate removalists. We hope it helps you cope. You might have moved house many times within your own city before, but moving such as large distance is different. So to plan accordingly it might be useful to first understand the difference between local removals and moving interstate.

Difference Between Moving Interstate and Locally

Getting your friends on board and filling up a few cars and maybe trailers with your furniture and household items is a lot different than moving everything you own to another state. If you’re planning to move soon, .

Interstate moving means moving your household items within different states in a country. This type of traveling involves the movement of your household goods from one state to another but it can be within one state as well. However, it must travel through another state or outside the country to be called interstate traveling.

While Intrastate moving involves the movement or traveling of your precious possessions within the same state. There shouldn’t be any cross border traveling to another state in this process.

When talking about Interstate moves, you should also know that these moves are basically governed by certain agencies. But interstate traveling is usually more tiring and expensive due to long-distance traveling. Therefore, interstate moves are properly monitored and governed by these agencies.

Long-distance movements are very tiring, and organizing a self-travel can be a lot risky then you imagine. Since there’s a huge difference between a small 100 miles travel and 1000 mile travel, and you’re better off hiring some of the best interstate movers in your respective city for this purpose. However, before opting for the best interstate movers, you should know about some of the fundamental and essential things. On the other hand, intrastate moves are best known as local movements.

1- You Should look for the best Interstate Removalists

As soon as you plan to move Interstate, doing it yourself is often not an option. Most people don’t own a truck big enough to ship all of their belongings a long distance. You might be able to convince some of your friends to help carry a mattress from one house to another if they live near by, but not when it is a thousand kilometres away.

Choosing the right moving company for you might not be the same as everybody. It depends on your priorities and how tight you timeframe is. When it comes to such a big move, we do recommend choosing an experienced removalist. They will have lived through long moves many more times and be able to predict problems and deal with any issues along the way much more effectively. The cheapest is not likely going to be the best if you want a stress free move.

These days there are a lot of review websites, such as Google that have ratings for every business. Check them out and look in particular for testimonials on interstate moves.

Backloading is the probably the cheapest option, but this does seem a bit like a myth and difficult to find these days as it has become a well know thing. You may also be able to share a load with some removalists, but this will restrict the times at when your moving day may be booked.

a) Healthy Reputation

The most important point to consider if you’re looking for the best movers is their reputation in the industry. If you are moving to the Sunshine Coast for example, you could ask on local Sunshine Coast Facebook groups about the company you are looking to use. We believe it is better to choose a company that is based either at the beginning or end of your move, as they will have local knowledge. Probably the destination knowledge can help you the most.

Choosing a reputable company will keep you one step ahead because establishing authority in the market needs years of reputation to build.

b) Professional at work

One thing that sets apart mediocre movers from the best ones, is the level of professionalism they display at work. You want to work with someone that answers the phone and has direct knowledge of the business. It is also great if you can have contact to the truck that is moving your furniture when it is on the road.

A professional mover will have some sort of inventory check list to help you calculate how much space you need to fit all of your goods. It is often better to over estimate in this situation.

Can you imagine you need to move out of your old home today, and fly or drive interstate the same day, but then all of the furniture won’t fit in the truck you booked? We have seen it happen and believe me, the clients were stressed. Our drivers were stressed too!

c) Affordable cost

Since there are many cross country movers around, price shopping can save you a lot of money. Just price shop between like for like services. Remember cheap is not likely to be good in this instance. If it comes down to two or three different companies, we recommend choosing a mix of how confident you feel that they will do a good job for you, and what the cost is.

Can you afford to have them not turn up, turn up late, not have the gear needed to load your heavy furniture, not packing safely.

Then when they are on the road, can you afford for them to make other stops along the way, risk moving or losing your items taking on and off other peoples furniture, making last minute changes to schedules, running late, being overtired, being hard to communicate with and so on.

Below are some good questions to ask when requesting an interstate removal quote.

  • How will you package our goods and how will you get it transported?
  • How many people will be driving the truck?
  • Have you made similar moves before?
  • How will you deal with any large, heavy or unusual items?
  • How do we keep in contact after you have left of old home?
  • If the unexpected happens, are we insured?

2- Plan, Plan, and Just Plan

Before diving into anything, planning can be the most important thing. There are so many things to think of when moving interstate, that you can’t start too early. Men, it might be time to swallow your pride and let your wife organise things. Not trying to be funny, but women are often more likely to plan this sort of thing well.

It’s better to be over-prepared rather than being under-prepared. So, as soon as you decide on moving, plan your things accordingly.

Some advice is to prepare an inventory of everything and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. If you are not sure, it should probably go in the “get rid of it” pile. (this is not professional advice, you need to make your own decisions).

Many companies will provide a checklist to assist you with this process of planning and to calculate the space required in a truck.

Then there are all the utilities to organise, picking up keys from real estate agents, planning your own transport, caring for pets, dropping things at op shops, selling things on ebay, and the list goes on.

Create systems to mark boxes and put one person in charge of each important task.

3- Insurance

Nothing in this world is for granted, however, if you are choosing the best professional services, quality of work is guaranteed. Yet, there are high chances in long-distance travel that things can get damaged. Any unforeseen circumstances can cause trouble for you even after opting for a professional interstate and international removalists.

Therefore, taking out moving insurance is a very crucial step one needs to consider before moving interstate. Many companies offer competitive insurance plans for international and interstate moving. Not only that, but you should also consider the insurance of your car as well. whether the car insurance you currently own will be applicable in the new state or not. It is one of the most overlooked mistakes and it needs to be focused upon. If the old insurance is not applicable, you can always go for a new car insurance policy.

4- Packing

One of the most tiring tasks is packing. It takes patience and hard work to get everything packed up. As much as possible, get it done early. We can tell the difference between a well planned pack and one done stressfully late at night and into the morning of a move.

In fact, it is one of the toughest tasks if you’re planning to move interstate. However, if you’re choosing professional services then these professionals will help pack for you.¬† Apart from that, a good interstate movers are well aware of the packing process and how to handle the belongings with utter care. How to prevent breakages.

5 – Storage

If you need storage either before a move or after, then this too should be planned in advance. Many longer established removalists now have storage at their base. For example, we offer furniture storage on the Sunshine Coast.

Being able to store your furniture with a removalist makes it easier. It cuts out a middle man and saves you time.


We understand that moving interstate is both exciting and challenging too. Hopefully it is only challenging in the short term and soon after you can get a good nights sleep and begin your new life.

If you have any questions about moving interstate or even around the corner, feel free to contact us.

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